Manage, View or Delete shipments or Collection Requests

  1. Manage, View or Delete shipments or Collection Requests

    Shipments you make have a certain color, as shown in the screenshot below:

    •    Red: Shipment is saved, but no label has been printed yet
    •    Blue: Shipment has a label, but no end-of-day procedure was yet done
    •    Grey: Shipment was saved, labelled and transmitted via end-of-day.

    You can choose to only show shipments of a certain color by using the filter bar on top:

    Grey shipments have been closed and can’t be modified nor re-used any more. It’s also not permitted to reprint a grey label multiple times for different shipments.
    A red or blue shipment can too be (re)printed by checking their box and clicking on the printer-icon in the bottom.

    Checked shipments can also undergo other actions with the grey bar at the bottom:


    1-    (Re)print label for selected shipments
    2-    (Re)print the protocol (shipment list) for the selected shipments
    3-    Delete selected shipments.
    Caution: if you delete a Collection Request, it’s important to also notify this to address:
    Caution: a deleted shipment can’t be recovered and is gone for good.

    You can also search for a certain shipment with the Search field just below the filter bar.


    HELP! I can no longer see all my shipments!
    Solution: Make sure you have no filter active. Uncheck the boxes in the filter bar and clear the search field.

    In the top menu, you will also find a trash bin icon:


    This button serves to delete all shipment from your DPD Shipper, including the ones from the past or the ones that aren’t selected! Be careful with this one, because once your shipments were deleted, there is no way to recover them!

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