Create a collection request

  1. Create a collection request

    With a collection reuest or retrieval order you can have the driver pick up a package and have it delivered to you, or another address.

    To create a collection request, go to “Shipments” and create a “New shipping order”


    In the “Base data” section, select “Collection Request” under products. You will see that this completely changes the screen.


    At the section “Collection Request Sender”, enter the details of the address where the driver must collect the package. Please note that adding a phone number is strongly recommended for the correct collection of your parcel.


    Do you want the package delivered to an address other than yours? Uncheck the box next to “Send to my pickup address”.


    You can give your Collection Request your own reference in the Customer Reference Nr field, but keep in mind your reference should not contain slashes (/) or periods (.)

    In the Parcels segment, you can enter the weight and two info-fields. Info fields are not mandatory, but if they’re used, please note that Info 1 must always start with a # sign. Info 2 will not appear on the label, but will be shown to the drivers MDU device.


    Please note that after making a collection request, you will not receive a label. This is not needed, since the DPD driver will take the label with him himself.

    If for any reason, you wish to cancel your collection request, you will have to our Customer Care department to confirm the cancellation. For other questions or problems, please refer to the Troubleshooting page below.

  2. Troubleshooting

    If you do not see your collection request requests in the overview, first verify that you are looking at the “List overview” and not the “Grid overview”.


    For the questions mentioned below concerning your collection request, please contact our Customer Care department:

    1. How to cancel a CR?
    2. When will my CR be collected? (normally, collecting happens between 9h and 17h-18h)
    3. Why was my CR not collected yet?
    4. When will the CR be delivered?
    5. My CR didn’t happen successfully. What is the reason for this?
    6. The reason my CR didn’t succeed is for a reason I believe not to be correct.

    For questions concerning tariffs of Collection Requests, please contact the Sales department.

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